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A spectre is haunting your kitchen! It is dry cooking a phantom recipe.

Some foodstuffs taste better together than others. The theory of foodpairing tries to explain this by pointing to chemical similarities.

In their 2011 paper 'Flavor network and the principles of food pairing' Ahn, Ahnert, Bagrow and Barabási analyze 56,498 recipes from two American and one Korean recipe website to assemble a list of what foodstuffs are used in conjunction.

For our 'Phantom Recipe Constructor' we have severely narrowed down this list to create something workable within the constraints of a webservice. The original data file has over 220.000 pairs, yet some common ingredients are absent. The use of our 'Phantom Recipe Constructor' is recommended for entertainment purposes only.

The science behind food pairing uses gas chromatography to identify aroma compounds. Optionally a selection of these odorants can be shown in order to highlight further connections between foodstuffs. This data we obtained from Flavornet.

Of course: if food can be paired it can also be separated. The 'Phantom Recipe Constructor' can suggest mismatched ingredients. Perhaps the in-laws are coming for supper.

Eat well!

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